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Business Cup

We're kicking off the new year right at Arenal with the very first edition of our Business Cup by Vandelanotte!  Sign up

The Business Cup by Vandelanotte is a two-day B2B padel tournament, at eight Arenal clubs in Flanders, with inspiring keynote speakers, networking event & afterparty! During the event, sport, fun and networking are the main focus.

🎾 Day 1: preliminary round on Friday 23 February, Arenal Mechelen 
🎾 Day 2: final day with networking event on Friday 15 March, Arenal Grimbergen

From late February to mid-March, a total of 280 companies compete in three different regions for the 
ultimate victory. During this competition, you participate in one of our open categories: 
professionals or executives (see regulations). 



You register as a team (max. 4 players)  
▫️ 4 players for only €600 (excl. VAT) 
▫️ 3 players for only €500 (excl. VAT) 
▫️ 2 players for only €400 (excl. VAT)

Your registration automatically entitles you to an invitation to the networking event. In return, Arenal offers you  
▫️ participation in the padel tournament (preliminary round and final) 
▫️ a networking event for all participants 
▫️ inspiring keynote speakers 
▫️ an exceptional afterparty 
▫️ personalised padel polo shirts per player 
▫️ fun goodie bag per player 
▫️ food and drink vouchers per player (1x food and 5x drinks per day)

Additional employees and companies not participating in the padel tournament can register separately for the networking event for €75 per person (excluding VAT). 

Conduct of two days

Each club organises a local preliminary round. The strongest teams qualify for the regional final round in Arenal Grimbergen.

Day 1: preliminary round
▫️ Friday 23 February

Day 2: final with networking event
▫️ Friday 15 March

Open series

▫️ Men: max P200 together
▫️ Mixed: max. P300 together
▫️ Ladies: max. P400 together

▫️ Men: max. P500 together
▫️ Mixed: max. P600 together
▫️ Ladies: max. P700 together

The sum of the rankings of the drafted players may not exceed the maximum limit per match.

Networking event

You will connect with as many as 128 companies from your region. Inspiring keynote speakers will kick off the evening. We will close the day/networking event with a smashing afterparty.

▫️ Mathieu Renier, CEO Sparkx Hasselt
▫️ Olivier Verhaege, ultra runner & author
▫️ Sven Jaecques, general manager Royal Antwerp F.C.
▫️ Tim Borguet, CMO RSC Anderlecht