Safety first!

It's easy to have an accident, particularly in a trampoline park. Under the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’, we therefore take the necessary precautions!

Non-slip socks

Every trampoline user must wear the Arenal non-slip socks in the park. You can buy these for 2 EUR/pair and use them afterwards on all your future visits to our park!

Have you got non-slip socks from another park? Unfortunately, you can't use them in our park. For insurance purposes, we need to be sure about the quality of the socks being worn by the trampoline users in the park. This is only organisationally possible by using socks that we know, i.e. the Arenal non-slip socks.

Digital waiver

Trampolining is not risk-free. We want to make every participant aware of this by describing what the risks involve and how complying with our house regulations help minimise these risks.

Good agreements make good friends, which is why we list everything for you in our digital waiver. We expect every participant to read this and sign it to show their agreement with the contents of the document.

There are various scenarios to decide who should sign this document:

trampoline user ≥ 18 years
the person in question may complete and sign the form in their own name
trampoline user < 18 years
a person older than 18 with parental authority over the trampoline user (e.g., mum) can complete and sign the form 
a person older than 18 who does not have parental authority over the trampoline user but has permission from their parent(s)/guardian(s) can complete and sign the form


You can read the form HERE first.

Agree with everything? Save time at check in and sign the document online!



Safety video

Every trampoline user is required to have watched the safety video before entering the trampoline park! You can watch this in the trampoline park.


Every trampoline user must follow the instructions of the Jumpmasters ! They ensure safety in the park – their word is law!