Jumping on the trampoline in the garden, everyone loves it, whatever their age! But bigger is better: more trampolines = more fun! And at Arenal, there's plenty of space to have fun – around 1,700 square metres!

So what do we offer?

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How much does an hour (or 2) on the trampoline cost? What's the cost price of a pair of non-slip socks? Are there special rates?


Who can come and trampoline with us? What do I need to bring when I use the trampoline? Are there any useful tips I should know?


There are risks to trampolining. What precautions do we take? What do we expect from our trampoliners?


Spring in juli of augustus een hele maand lang 60 minuten per dag voor slechts 40 euro! Abonneer nu!
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Sports camps

During the school holidays, children born between 2007 and 2014 can attend a sports camp at Arenal!

In partnership with the well-known and very popular Jeti Sportkampen, you choose either an omnisport camp or an exclusive trampoline camp!

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Together we build the future of padel.

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