What's soccer5?

So what exactly is soccer5? What footwear should I use? What are the rules? How many people do you need for a game?

For an answer to all your questions:

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What does it cost to hire a pitch? Is there a difference between peak and off-peak? Is a ball provided?


We don't have subscriptions, just our super flexible alternative for our regular players: the Arenal credit system!


Want to test yourself against the best? Take part in our competitions; play against new opponents on the same day every week!

Sports camps

During the school holidays, children born between 2007 and 2014 can attend a sports camp at Arenal!

In partnership with the well-known and very popular Jeti Sportkampen, you choose either an omnisport camp or an exclusive trampoline camp!

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Our upcoming events in a nutshell