What's padbol?

What's padbol?

Unlike its big brother padel, padbol is played with the feet. The playing area is surrounded by U-shaped glass walls, so it's actually a mix of sports: padel, tennis, squash, football and volleyball. As in padel, the walls are part of the game. A match is always played 2 against 2, and the ball can only be played over the net after at least 2 and maximum 3 exchanged ball contacts between the team members. By exception, the ball may be played over the net after 1 ball contact:

If the player uses the glass walls on his side of the net to pass the ball over the net
If the player is in the red zone, which is a 1-metre-wide area on both sides of the net

The only thing you need to play is a football. Otherwise, you may use almost any part of your body, except your hands and arms. Anyone with basic football skills will naturally have an advantage, but nothing that can't be overcome. Because padbol is a sport that is played tactically in a team, which makes it very accessible for all ages and genders.

Just from the description, you can see that the sport is very attractive for both playing and watching. We're sure you'll love it!

What are the rules?